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The space available for poster displays is 48” x 48”. The poster area will be open during all normal meeting hours, so authors may install their poster anytime after 7:00 a.m. on June 26. Posters should be removed on the last day of the meeting. Authors are required to be at their posters during at least one poster session (sign up sheets will be provided at check-in). Poster authors are also encouraged to bring several press-ready copies of their abstract for the media.

Topic/Name Poster # Title
Asteroids/NEO Characterization
Marcella Yant 1 Project ESPRESSO: Optical Constants for Quantitative Spectral Analysis and Exploration Roles of Field LIBS and Raman
Waynflete High School 2 Thermal Infrared Spectral Comparisons Of Minerals And Asteroids In Relation To The Frost Line
David Rapetti 3 Global 21-cm Data Analysis Pipeline to Constrain Physical Parameters using Lunar-based Observations
Keith Tauscher 4 Towards a lunar farside hydrogen cosmology telescope: characterizing the absorption trough observed by EDGES
Edwin Bernardoni 5 Characterizing Lunar Dust Impact Plumes
Bijoya Dhar 6 Space weathering effects at the surface of thin-film aluminosilicate model regolith
Marina Gemma 7 Visible-Near-Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy of Ordinary Chondrite Meteorites Under Simulated Asteroid Surface Conditions
Gen Ito 8 Radiative-transfer modeling of spectra of planetary regoliths using cluster-based dense packing modifications
Zoe Landsman 9 The Effect of Buried Rocks on the Apparent Physical Properties of the Lunar Regolith (WITHDRAWN)
Melissa Lane 10 Development of a fine-particle spectral library
Paul Lucey 11 Multispectral polarization of eight lunar soils: Results from spectral measurements and radiative transfer modeling
Alex Parker 12 Project ESPRESSO: Airborne Space Environment Chamber Status, Interfaces, and Payload Capacities
Marcus Piquette 13 Student Dust Counter: Status Report At 40 AU
Cody Schultz 14 Exploring The Physical Properties Of High Fidelity Phobos Regolith Simulants
Jamey Szalay 15 Anisotropic Meteoroid Fluxes and Impact Gardening in the Lunar Polar Regions
Luis Teodoro 16 Modeling Of Volatiles Loss During Lunar Resource Prospector Mission Sample Acquisition
Zach Ulibarri 17 On the generation and detectability of organic chemistry in hypervelocity impact ice spectra
Xu Wang 19 Laboratory investigation of the timescales of electrostatic dust transport processes on the surfaces of airless bodies
Akbar Whizin 20 Cohesive Aggregation of Dust in Parabolic Flight Experiments
Jordan Young 21 Effects Of Micrometeoroid Impact Experiments On The Infrared Spectra Of Olivine
Education & Public Outreach/Citizen Science
Cynthia Hall 22 The World Ender: Developing an Engaging Inquiry-Based Curriculum for Understanding Small Bodies
Andrea Jones 23 FINESSE Education and Public Outreach Year 5 Report
Joseph Cukjati 24 Atom Probe Tomography Of Olivine And Clinopyroxene Grain And Phase Boundaries In Deformed Wehrlite
Donald Hendrix 25 Determining The Dissolution Rates Of Mineral Powders In Simulated Lung Fluid In Order To Better Understand The Persistence Of Lu
Scott Hughes 26 Geochemical Complexity Along The Great Rift – A Planetary Analog For Magma Evolution Within Sill And Dike Networks
Alexander Kling 27 Temperature-Dependence Of Visible To Near-Infrared Spectral Properties Of Minerals Under Simulated Airless Body Conditions
Charles-Edouard Boukaré 28 Cumulate Mantle Dynamics Response to Magma Ocean Cooling Rate
James Head 29 Controls on Lunar Basaltic Volcanic Eruption Structure and Morphology: Gas Release Patterns in Sequential Eruption Phases
Jinzhu Ji 30 Smooth facies of the maunder formation at orientale basin: Evidences and interpretations for cooling behavior of melt sheet (WITHDRAWN)
Boda Liu 31 Reading Melting Parameters From Rare Earth And High-Field Strength Element Abundances In Lunar Picritic Glass Melts: An Application Of Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods
Rachel Maxwell 32 Estimating The Magnetization Direction Of Planetary Crustal Magnetic Anomalies
Richard Nelson 33 A Possible Explanation For Anomalous Lunar Paleointensity Values Measured For Apollo Sample 62235
Stuart Robbins 34 A Global Lunar Crater Database, Complete for Craters ≥1–2 km, IV
Human Exploration & Destination Drivers
Robert Cataldo 35 Lunar Night Survivability Achieved by Radioisotope and Fission Power System Technology
Mark Lupisella 36 Apollo Environment Sampling: A 50 Year Experiment
Madhu Thangavelu 37 PHOENIX Lander: Utilization of the Deep Space Gateway for Accelerated Lunar Settlement Infrastructure Establishment
Madhu Thangavelu 38 LunarLAB: Concept for a Permanent Lunar Lava Tube Settlement
Madhu Thangavelu 39 SINTERPAD:Concept for an ISRU Lunar Landing Pad
Waynflete High School 40 The Moon’s Next Steps: Evaluation Of Eight High Water Content Pyroclastic Deposits As Potential Landing Sites For Human Exploration Missions
Human Research & Performance
Benjamin Mellinkoff 41 Integration of a COTS Robotic Arm and Rover for Future Low-Latency Telerobotic Assembly Experiments
Micah Schaible 42 Chemical effects caused by electrostatically charged regolith dust grains on analog lung tissues
Tore Straume 43 TEPC Measurements on the Lunar Surface
Dylan Carter 44 Size Beneficiation of Lunar Regolith via Triboelectric Charging for In Situ Resource Utilization
Julie Castillo-Rogez 45 Mars Cave Exploration Concept For Science And Human Exploration
Pamela Clark 46 The Lunar Ice Cube Mission in Development
Jan Deca 47 Flying A Spacecraft Through A Lunar Magnetic Anomaly: Measurement Requirements As Defined By Fully Kinetic Modeling
Jordan Kendall 48 The Case for a Lunar Sample Return Mission near the South Pole-Aitken Basin: Perspectives from Impact Modeling
Robert MacDowall 49 Low-Frequency Radio Observatory Pathfinder On The Near-Side Lunar Surface
Zachary Morse 50 A Canadian Science Maturation Study For A Lunar Precursor Rover To Schrödinger Basin
Elizabeth Oberlin 51 Qualification Of Phoenix Lander Heritage Ion-Selective Electrodes For Long Duration Space Exploration
Salvatore Oriti 52 Dynamic Radioisotope Power Systems Development and Potential First Mission Utilization
Macey Sandford 53 Standoff Time-Resolved Raman and Fluorescence Spectrometer for a Lunar Lander
Katherine Shirley 54 Effect of Albedo on Mid-Infrared Spectra as Compared to the Diviner Dataset
Brandon Smith 55 Pterodactyl: Integrated Control Design for Precision Targeting of Deployable Entry Vehicles
Arundel High School 56 Analysis Of Lunar Locations For Future Missions
Radiation, Plasma, Exosphere
Elliot Frey 57 New Material Systems for Neutron Dosimetry
Demian Marchione 58 A Laser Based Micrometeorite Accelerator for Impact Studies
Andrew Poppe 59 A Comprehensive Model For Pickup Ion Formation At The Moon
Joseph Samaniego 60 A Double Hemispherical Probe (DHP) for Improving Space Plasma Measurments
Eldar Noe Dobrea 61 Robotic Decision-Making In A Fine-Grained Environment
Amanda Hendrix 62 LRO LAMP observes diurnally migrating water on the Moon
Jason McLain 63 Proton Induced Hydroxylation Measurements on Apollo Era Lunar Soils
Ronald Oliversen 66 High Spectral Resolution Observations of Lunar Exospheric Sodium and Potassium Emissions
Parvathy Prem 67 Modeling the Propagation of Spacecraft Exhaust Plume Volatiles on the Moon
Ted Roush 68 Ice Sublimation from Water-doped Lunar Simulant at Cryogenic Temperatures
Garrett Schieber 69 Experimentation and Simulation of Volatile Transport within Airless Bodies
Orenthal Tucker 70 Hydroxylation and H2 degassing in the lunar environment: Monte Carlo Studies
Jody Wilson 71 Shallowly Buried Hydrogenation in the Lunar Regolith: Using Albedo Protons to Refine Trends in Latitude and Local Time
Mount Horeb High School 72 Volcanic Contribution Of Water At Lunar Silicic Domes