Focus Groups

Focus Groups

Tuesday, June 26 - 12:30 PM to 2:00 PM

Solar System Bombardment (joint with South Pole-Aitken Basin) - Building 152, Room 112

Chair: Bill Bottke

The Moon’s surface has recorded and preserved the impact history of the inner Solar System since the Moon’s formation. Studies of asteroid populations and the impact record on the Moon can give valuable insights into the ultimate evolution of the Solar System.

South Pole-Aitken Basin (joint with Solar System Bombardment) - Building 152, Room 112

Chair: Noah Petro

The South Pole-Aitken (SPA) Basin is the largest known impact basin in the Solar System. With a diameter of 2500 km, SPA provides great scientific potential for extracting native lunar mantle material and determining bulk lunar composition. This Focus Group will discuss potential landing sites for a future MoonRise mission.

Field Analogs - Building 152, Room 105/106

Chairs: Jennifer Heldmann & Tim Glotch

Terrestrial analog field studies offer the unique opportunity to prepare for robotic and human planetary missions. Analogs provide the opportunity to conduct studies and tests related to science, mission operations, and technology in a relevant environment at relatively low cost and risk. The SSERVI Analogs Focus Group aims to bring together members of the community to discuss and review various aspects of fieldwork including, but not limited to, field sites, deployment logistics, field instrumentation, concepts of operations, software and hardware testing, etc.

Commerce - Building 152, Room 117

Chair: Bruce Pittman

Continued exploration and scientific research produces emerging markets and new opportunities to expand human commerce to the Moon and beyond. Efforts spawned from the Google Lunar X-Prize offer significant new opportunities for the exploration science community.

Wednesday, June 27 - 12:15 PM to 1:45 PM

Dust, Atmosphere, and Plasma - Building 152, Room 117

Chairs: Addie Dove

Understanding the dust and plasma environment on and near the surface of airless bodies will allow us to better define requirements for surface operations, dust mitigation and radiation protection.

Volatiles - Building 152, Room 171 (Main Room)

Chair: Dana Hurley & Parvathy Prem

Volatiles are becoming increasingly important to both the scientific and exploration communities. Discussions on volatile sources, states, abundances, mobility and distribution as they pertain to ISRU and accessibility will be the primary focus of this group.

Payloads/Instrumentation and ALSEP focus groups will not be held this year.


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